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Taxis in Calonge and Sant Antoni - Costa brava - Taxi Jesús
TAXI JESÚS - 619 300 299
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Taxi drivers in the Costa Brava - Taxi in Girona (Gerona) - Calonge Taxi - Taxi Drivers in San Antonio
Taxis on the Costa Brava - Taxis in Girona (Gerona) - Taxis in Calonge - Sant Antoni Taxis
Taxi in Costa Brava - Taxi Girona (Gerona) - Taxi in Calonge - Sant Antoni Taxi
TAXI JESUS profit-improvement to give good service to the Costa Brava, has created a company-minibuses minibuses for all who need it.
JESCALBUS (tourism hopefully).

TAXI JESUS and JESCALBUS offers solutions for all your transportation needs both nationally and internationally, airports, ports, railway stations, bus tours, lunches, dinners, etc, from 1 person to 16 people.

Urban services, long distance travel, ... offer endless possibilities at reasonable prices.

Ask for a quote. We assure timely service, quality, attentive and efficient.

For more information or to book contact by e-mail to, we will respond as soon as possible.

In TAXI JESUS and JESCALBUS, all our clients, whether private or business, receive VIP service. Meetings, parties, excursions, messaging, etc. contact us and we will help you organize transfers for your special occasion.

You just tell us what you want to do and we'll do the rest.

If your destination is not listed, do not worry !! Contact us by e-mail and we will quote in

We can also learn better in page in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you want you can also download the application Jescalbus completely free.

Tourism Our philosophy is always optimistic.

These are our virtues you either individual or company.
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Nº Licencia: 06 - - (0034) 619 300 299
Taxi and Minibus
From 1-16 seats.
619 300 299